By: Dina Indelicato | October 10, 2017


A translator needs to have a deep understanding of both the grammar and the cultural aspects of more than one language. He or she needs to know all the rules of the language, as well as the cultural habits of the person that speaks said language. Even as an experienced professional in the world of translation, there are certain things that will bring frustration and frustration during your work.

Some of the most difficult challenges that you may experience as you are translating are the following:

1.Language Structure

Each language will have its own defined structure, with clear-cut rules – which will not always be the same for other languages as well. Due to the singularity and complexity of the framework, it’s not always easy...

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By: Dina Indelicato | August 30, 2017

The UAE is the second largest economy in the Middle East following Saudi Arabia. It’s culture is largely friendly to westerners. These, and a combination of other factors make the country a good choice for business operation or expansion. However, when doing business is other countries, it is important to take cultural considerations into mind. This is no different with the United Arab Emirates. Here are some important standards, expectations, and norms to keep in mind if you should decide to establish a business in the UAE or expand your operations there.

Greeting Business Associates Clients or Colleagues

It is a sign of respect to greet the person with the most seniority first. Please memorize the term ‘assalamu alaikum’. It is a sta...

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